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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Note to Self:

DO NOT LAUGH at any time when packings are in nose. Pain, nasal stretching, almost choking on sushi will ensue.


The Situation

Ying brought back some sushi today. Not real sushi for me; I just ate the tofu pouches and the california rolls. Ok, I cheated and ate a piece of yellowtail too.  It's just that the thought of raw fish festering somewhere in my nasal cavity was a turn off so I held back.

Midway through the meal..

Ying: "Aw, I forgot to return this Wii game to Blockbuster. Hey do you want to go with me?"

Me: "No way, I don't want to go with out outside like this." (Earlier, I already asked Ying to go down and check the mail for me so I didn't have to go outside my Phantom of the Opera mask)

Ying: "So? Who cares?"

Me: "Hey I could wear sunglasses! That'll disguise me!"

And for whatever reason, the mental image of me in my gauze and a pair of shades set off a chain reaction of laughter, stretching nostrils and near-choking on rice and wasabi. Not fun.

Me: <Laughing><grimacing>"ow, stop don't make me laugh"<laughing><holding hands to face to offset stretching of already-stretched nose>"ow, it hurts. Sschttoppp"<tears running down cheeks, soaked up by gauze>

Aw the hell with this, i'm going to Blockbuster. At least I can say, "yeah I went to Blockbuster in gauze this one time."

Stay posted for videos...

-Dean   :o)

            ^--That's me and my big nose

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