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Sunday, July 11, 2010

So we rent movies at Blockbuster. Yes, the actual store. While I might not be in the majority crowd when I say this, I actually like Blockbuster! I like walking around the store, looking at the DVD covers, picking one up, having it in my hand while I walk around looking for something better. We have a subscription to the dvd-in-the-mail thing like Netflix, except it's with Blockbuster and we are also allowed to take in our mail DVDs into the store and exchange it right there for a DVD. I like that, so does Ying, because that means we can have a movie right now if we want it. Comes with the plan.

So a bit of background on how we choose DVDs. I like action flicks; Ying likes chick flicks:

Anyway, this post is about how I was tricked into watching a movie with Substance. This is how I chose the movie "The Solist" as my action flick:

So later that night after Bonnie's asleep, I go and pop in the DVD and start it up. I'm doing other things like picking up toys, checking email etc, and 20 minutes into the movie and I'm thinking to myself, "When's someone gonna get killed or beat up or something?"

I start to get suspicious and think maybe they put the wrong DVD in the box, so I look on the coffee table for the DVD cover and to my surprise, that shotgun barrel... WTF? is actually the neck of a ... WTF? That's a cello. SONOFA...!

So anyway, that's how I ended up watching a movie with Substance. The acting was great, good topic, etc. But damn! I was tricked.

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