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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If you haven't heard, I recently got nasal surgery.

Here's my one shot to prove my manliness: As a bachelor, I never owned any mirrors; just had access to 2 mirrors. Can you guess the two? Correct! In whatever apartment I was renting at the time, it would be (1) The bathroom mirror and (2) the medicine cabinet mirror next to it!

.... On to the castration!

So, when I needed a mirror to bring to work to inspect my bloody nose to make sure there were no trails of blood running down my cheeks, guess who I went to for a portable mirror? Yup! "Yinnggg... do you have a mirror I can bring to work?"

I was sure she'd have some generic-drug-store flavored mirror for me to bring to the office. Something I could just keep at work forever and maybe bring back home with me if "they" one day decide to send me packing with a cardboard box of my belongings.

... But noooOOoo I couldn't be that painless.

This is what Ying gave me to bring to work:


*sigh* ..... it's .... hello .... kitty ...


Opened up, there's even a comb for me to comb my hair!!!!!! *squeals delightfuly*

So there you have it folks -- I am a proud Hello-Kitty-Mirror-Compact-With-Built-In-Comb-Carrying citizen. I know all you girls are jealous! Even some of you guys.  I bet Ariel is green with envy too. (obscure alusion to The Little Mermaid combing her hair with a fork)


Considering the other alternatives Ying offered me, I think Hello Kitty was a good choice.

Presenting an assortment of Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Dior and MAC
(Even knowing these labels puts me dangerously close to the castration chopping block)


Sarcasm aside, I did crack a grin today as I casually put Hello Kitty back in my drawer and quietly slid the drawer closed.

-Dean :)

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