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Monday, December 18, 2006

Woah. ... has it already been 2 whole months??!?!

We had originally... "adopted" a poor, unwanted piece of art from the trash room 2 months ago to the day. You can read about TRT Part 1 (that's Trash Room Treasure for those of you not-in-the-know) for a refresher course :) And aaaactually, our faithful reader,  eagle-eye Caroline, was sharp enough to catch a glimpse of TRT Part 1.5 in this post.

Well, we didn't end up getting a tree this year.  So Ying thought it would be fun to do a play off of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree ... except with our Trash Room Treasure.

Isn't it beautiful??????


So how did we go about making our tree?  All it took was a pair of scissors, some tape, a sacrificial Saks Fifth Avenue shopping bag, and of course our Trash Room Treasure:


Oh! And I would like to emphasize that this was all YING'S idea!!! She really likes that Trash Room Treasure -- she also likes scissors and shopping (bags) ...  I think some of my bad habits are rubbing off on her.

-Dean :)



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