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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Saturday I sold our old lounge chair for $120. Today we went out and bought a $99 table and a $99 mirror. I like our newly-decorated dining/living area... check it out!

This is what our living room looked like before: http://www.deanying.com/PermaLink,guid,3df12f34-86d2-46f8-8dab-5662f250100b.aspx

We got a new mirror! The living room feels bigger without the lounge chair:



Looking into the kitchen... we used to eat at the bar, but now we have a real table... how romantic!


Oh yeah... Ying made crab cakes this morning too! (We had fresh crab at home on Friday night, but saved the claw meat for the crab cakes)





Sorry, no pics of the cooked crab cakes... Ying cooked 2 and I forgot to take pics ... too busy eating them. Yes, they were gooooood.


-Dean :)

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